Some Heart health Herbs and Minerals

Some Heart health Herbs and Minerals

People really have to pay attention on keeping their body condition especially their heart. Heart beats every second in every day without resting. We can not ask our heart to rest, you will die instead if your heart rests. What we can do is help our heart to stay healthy. By giving enough heart health herbs and minerals, we can contribute a big help to the heart. There are some heart health herbs and minerals that we can consume everyday. Some heart health herbs and minerals are;

a. Garlic
Garlic is able to strengthen and make the heart function stable. Garlic can also become circulatory stimulants. It can prevent oxidants and blood clots and lower blood fats.


b. Magnesium
Mineral magnesium is needed by all part of the body, especially heart. By consuming magnesium, we can lower the risk of coronary heart disease. Moreover, magnesium is very good to maintain blood pressure and give proper heart rhythm. It can also prevent heart disease by preventing calcium to accumulate in the arteries and blood from gathering in arteries walls.


c. Red yeast rice
This considers as Chinese traditional supplement that can lower bad cholesterol in our body. This red yeast rice can be used to remove usual rice for your breakfast, lunch or dinner. But, red yeast rice has side effect as statin drugs.


d. Ginkgo biloba
You can definitely try ginkgo biloba that is very functional to lower bad fats, prevent blood clots in blood stream and be strong antioxidants.
From the heart health herbs and minerals information above, we can consume those herbs and mineral everyday. Those herbs and minerals are natural and less chemical compound which are perfect to keep our heart healthy. Keep your heart at its best condition. Love your heart; love your life!