How to Attend a Party While Trying to Avoid Foods for Heart Health

How to Attend a Party While Trying to Avoid Foods for Heart Health

A party is a time where many guests will be served with tasty foods. Unfortunately, the foods are rather unhealthy for most of the time. It’s important to try to avoid foods for heart health. And as a guest, you need to be clever in attending the party while appreciating the party inviters. Don’t worry. It’s possible to sneakily avoid the foods.


Eat Prior Attending the Party
Before you head to the party venue, eat first! There’s no need to eat until you feel really full. Just nibble enough foods to not feel hungry. When you are a little full, you will avoid the urge to fill your plate with foods. And thus you will visit the buffet less.


Fill Your Plate with Fruits and Vegetables
What if you attend the party with an empty stomach? Chances are you’ll eat until you feel a little full. But hey, you can still avoid foods for heart health. Just fill your plate with fruits and vegetables. There must be a buffet of healthy and colorful fruits and vegetables for you. Go here when you feel hungry!


Be Careful with Beverages
Many beverages served at a party contain sugar. And sugar needs to be avoided. If you spot red wine, you can take a bit of it. Red wine is said to be good for the health of the heart. However, you need to keep in mind that plain and fresh water is still the best.


Stay Away from the Buffet
The buffet or the tables used to serve foods can really shake your determination to avoid foods for heart health. And that’s more than enough reason to stay away. Try to get busy and forget about these tables by joining a conversation with other guests. Go to the table only to grab what you need like drink water.