5 Heart Healthy Foods And Vitamins You Should Try

5 Heart Healthy Foods You Should Try

What you eat determines a lot for your body. A healthy body does not come from foods which are low in vitamins or other good nutrition. All these good nutrition in food will also lead you to a healthy heart. If you want a healthy heart, try to eat these 5 heart healthy foods and its vitamins that will help you to get a healthy heart.


1. Salmon
Salmon is well-known for their fatty fats. This oily fish contains Omega-3, which acts nice in your body. Omega-3 is known for its anti-clotting effect, because it helps to lower the triglycerides in your body. It also helps you to keep it low in blood pressure. You can also try to eat fish such as, trout, tuna and sardines for Omega-3.


2. Nuts
Nuts is another heart healthy foods to help your heart in a good condition. They are known for their vitamins and minerals that help to reduce your saturated fats. One study suggests that people who eat nuts often will have a lower chance in heart issue rather than people who are less. Nuts also contain Omega-3, but it is not the same Omega-3 you find in oily fish.


3. Berries
Berries are beneficial fruits. They taste good and contains a lot of beneficial nutrition. It has polyphenols which works as an anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidant is very good for a healthy body, it helps you prevent from any bad radical that can harm your body. Vitamin and fiber are also there inside berries. And the last but not least, berries help you to keep your blood pressure balance.


4. Chocolate
This popular food also has a good effect on your heart health, especially the dark one. Dark chocolate has a good content for your body. Flavanols is very famous for its job to keep your blood pressure balance and has the role of anti-clotting. Chocolate also has the ability to boost your immune system. Try to find the one with 70% cocoa solid which has less sugar and more beneficial for your body.


5. Yogurt
Yogurt known as its ability in improving digestion, but aside from that yogurt works well for your heart health. It prevents your body from gum disease, which may harm your heart. It contains potassium as well as prebiotics to keep your heart in a good condition.
These are heart healthy foods and its vitamins you can try. They help you to prevent your heart from weakening. It is important to know what we eat and to know how they act in our body.