3 Top Supplements for Heart Health

3 Top Supplements for Heart Health

As we age, our body may not function as good as before. There are some functional decreasing due to our aging. For example our heart, this vital organ may need extra treatment for it to work properly. We need to maintain a healthy life style by eating nutritional foods as well as taking a bit of our time to work out, but is that all? An extra treatment by taking supplements also helps you to keep your heart healthy. Here are three recommendations for top supplements for heart health.


1. Coenzyme Q 10
This supplement is everywhere by the time you look up for top supplements for heart health. Our body actually produces this nutrition itself, but it reduces in production when we hit the age of 40. It is a natural antioxidant, which helps us to fight the bad effect of free radicals. Based on European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Coenzyme Q 10 also helps to reduce high blood pressure that leads to normal blood pressure. In addition, it also an energy producer.


2. Omega-3
Salmon and sardines are famous for their omega-3. It helps you support your heart health. The anti-clotting effect is one of the good contents for your heart. Others are it helps you to maintain a normal blood pressure as well as reducing the risk of heart issues. It also works as anti-inflammation and helps you to have a good cholesterol level.


3. Magnesium
One of the main things for our body to work properly is by having a good amount of magnesium. Yes, magnesium helps our body to work at its best. In several studies suggest that magnesium keeps your heartbeat at a normal level. Other is it helps you lower your high blood pressure. In American Journal of Cardiology stated that there is a relation between magnesium level and our heartbeat.


Those 3 top supplements for heart health may help you in choosing heart supplement. Do not forget to have consultations with your doctor regarding your heart condition before choosing one for yourself.