4 Best Heart Health Vitamins

4 Best Heart Health Vitamins

Heart holds the most important part in our body to pump oxygen flows in all part of human body. To keep the heart stays healthy, people have to workout, control food consumption, and consume vitamins or supplements that are good for heart. Some people find difficulty of choosing which vitamins that are recommended for their heart. Here are 4 best heart health vitamins that can be very useful for your heart.


a. Vitamin B9
Vitamin B9 is believed to reduce and regulate blood pressure. This vitamin has a possibility to reduce the amount of homocysteine that can block the bloodstream. Vitamin B9 also can reduce the blood clots risk that can cause a sudden heart attack. Vitamin B9 can be found in broccoli, lentils, Brussels sprout and asparagus.


b. Vitamin C
Vitamin C brings so many benefits to our heart. Vitamin C can prevent coronary artery disease by increasing glutathione that secures the arteries. Vitamin C can also strengthen the blood vessel walls by allowing weakened collagen to make inflammatory reactions in the vascular streams.


c. Vitamin A
Vitamin is not just functional for eyes but it can also give a good respond to the heart by repairing the damaged heart cells and lessen the heart damage after a surgically like heart attack. Moreover, vitamin A can repair factors or cells to prevent tissue damage in the heart.


d. Vitamin E
Vitamin E is also believed to help the heart stays healthy. Vitamin E is known antioxidant that reduces heart attack risk by 20%. Vitamin E can be found in almonds, raw seeds, Swiss chard and many more.
Protecting the heart is very important for the body. People can do many workouts but they need to consume best heart health vitamins that give more significant improvement. Hopefully these four best heart health vitamins can be your reference to gain a healthy life. Love your heart, love your life!