How to Use Keywords in Your Blog Posts

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Blogging is something fun activities. You can make so many articles and then publish them on internet online, so that everyone can see your article posts. With blogging, you also have benefit that you can share your knowledges and get more friends on internet. If you are lucky, you also can get some money from internet activities.

According to my concern, someone told me that if you are a blogger and don’t keep on mind concerning on article keyword for blogging, you haven’t been fully on blogger activities. No matter how many articles that you have already made for blogging on website. If there is only a littel reader, it is rather useless. So it is important to study about how to use keywords in your blog posts because with these keywords, you can increase visitor website for targetted some readers outside.

Here are the tips how to use article keyword in your blog posts for website :

  1. Use keyword on your article tittle. It is important to insert some targetted keyword on your article tittle for your website blog. That is because your keyword will be easyly found by google search engine and also by end user (reader). With this tricks, hope that your article will be on the first of google search engine.
  2. Just use some of keyword focus on your article post. Focus can make your article important. That is because you only doing spesific article topics and I think it is good for your article and your website.
  3. Make some variations for your article keyword blog post. Make so many variations for your keyword will make your article rich of keywords. It is useful to be searched by user with many criteria keyword. You can make some keyword suggest on google and many others.
  4. Make some link of your keywords to your article posts. It will make some link that useful for user to know and learn more about the article topics. If they don’t know about some keyword, they can click to your connections link about that. So you also have to make your website blog attractive and easy to use.
  5. User your keywords on Alt image post. Insert your article keyword to your alt image for post. This means, you better giving image on your article post, and then user some keyword on your image. It is useful for your site because alt tex image post might be indexed by robot google search engine.