How to Maximize Website Keyword Search Using Ubersuggest

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You have a website blog and you want to enlarge and maximize article keyword for your posting, you can do my simple tips using keyword research tool free from ubbersuggest. This tools can generate many kinds of keyword alternative, keyword suggestions, keyword phrases, keyword targeting, keyword trends, keyword combination and many others that can increase visitor to your blog even your online income. This keyword search tool can also be used to find keyword tool youtube that can increase visibilty of your youtube videos.

Here the way how to maximize website keyword search free using ubersuggest (I may call as keyword bulider because it can generate keyword list generator):

  1. First, open url at After the site is opened, you can type any keyword that you want to search on the column provided. Don’t forget to choose the targetted country that will visit to your web site. After that, click suggest than the program keyword research process.
  2. After the process has finished, you will see keyword, volume, cpc, and competition. You can copy or download them into excel. After that, filter the keywords according to volume. If you want to compete with other sites, select keywords that have monthly volume 100 until 1.000.
  3. If you have filtered the keyword with volume based, now you can make article using those kinds of keyword. It is possibility that keyword ranking google will increase and the keywords are on your articles.
  4. Finished.

It just so simple right. With that keyword tool free you can also compete to many keyword elite,  keyword analytics, keyword extractor, keyword research google, keyword search google, keyword driven testing, keyword niche finder, keyword explorer and keyword advertising. If you want to increase more, you can try keyword grouper with excel so that keyword with same type can be post together. It is free and realy simple. The rest is hope that your keyword website and keyword counter that have been published can increase the website traffic. (Don’t forget to ensure that your article url link have been indexed by search engine. Thank you.