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seek knowledge in a foreign country can be an opportunity for cultural exchange with other international students. In France, you can learn many things from approximately 350,000 foreign students.

benefits of being a student in France

University in France tend not to have the same level in terms of student activity. But there are a lot of extra-curricular and social activities held by the student union, or Bureau (x) des étudiants. As the fourth destination for international students, 12 percent of students in France come from abroad. This can lead to a dynamic cultural diversity occurs at each campus France.

Most universities making active efforts to welcome foreign students, such as the office of international students, student associations and the buddy program, which allows international students to experience the cultural transition. Similarly, as reported by The Local, Monday (13/02/2012).

There are also benefits in the form of rebates for the purchase of food, entertainment, and transportation. Some discounts are only available for student card holders, while others are available for anyone under the age of 26 years.

For example, many public museums in Paris, which does not charge an entrance fee for EU citizens under the age of 26 years. Another advantage that requires a student card, for example, 12-25 rail card issued by the national railway company, SNCF.
This card is valid for one year and costs ‘only’ 50 Euros This card offers discounts on rail travel throughout France, up to 60 percent. In 2011, the offer of discounts extended to the age of 30 years.