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$small business web hosting-web site hosting-$1 web hosting-Domain-Hosting

$small business web hosting-web site hosting-$1 web hosting-Domain-Hosting

$Web Site Hosting is one of important thing on a website. Without website hosting, a site cannot be operated. Web site hosting can be imagine as a hardisk of a computer/laptop. When there is no hardisk, the computer/laptop can’t run. Web site hosting is a place where all the website documents files is being kept. So web site hosting is a website storage that keep all files of a website.

When you start to build a website, you need a domain and a hosting. Domain is an alternate name of a website (example : abc.com, ilmudes.com, etc). Hosting is a site storage. There are a lot of provider that give hosting services on the web. But you need to choose the good hosting service one. If Web site hosting is bad, your website will down and cannot be accessed. Good web site hosting is usually show good detail on them and giving uptime support. For example : Hosting Premiere (storage 2GB, ram 1GB, CPU 2core, support 24 hour), this means like a CPU computer resources. But, unfortunately, good hosting is usually give higher prices.

On choosing a web site hosting, you also have to determine for what kind of site that will you build. If you just for blogging and write your daily story activities, you don’t need expensive hosting. If you are lucky, you can get $1 web hosting. It means that you just spent $1 for a website hosting for a periode of time. It sounds good for an amateur and beginer blogger. You also can get free web site hosting from a hosting provider. All you need is just searching from the web that give free website hosting.

If you are run a small bussiness, you can choose $small business web hosting. This is usually used by a small business, for example, website for small onlineshop, website for personal branding or small company. On this care you can choose small or medium business web hosting with the good price.

How to search good or best website hosting provider? Just type to your browser about website hosting or best website hosting, or cheap web site hosting. After that, search the review from user of every hosting provider. If there are a lot of good review, than you can pick it up.

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