Adsense Alternative, Adsense Revenue, and Adsense for Youtube

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If you have a blog or website, maybe you can get some benefit from having blog online. As every blogger known, there are a lot of ways how to get money online through internet. One of them is google adsense. Google adsense is a place where everyone can register and than place google ads code to their blog website so that can showing ads provided by google and then got adsense revenue. But according to some blogger, registering google adsense is so difficult. Google needs to review every registrant that their blog/website is suit to google adsense term of service. Because of this, there are so many registrant have been rejected, disapproved, denied form google adsense. If you are lucky, you will be approved and granted to show google adsense to your blog. After you are approved, you can optimized the revenue from adsense by optimizing your website blog. Here, I will write some explanations about google adsense :

  1. Adsense Revenue. Once you are approved by google adsense, you will receive fee or money online because of showing ads on your website. If the readers of your website click to the ads, you will get commision fee from google. Adsense revenue means revenue that can be withdrawed by yourself if the amount of adsense money have reached the minimum payment. According as I know, you can withdraw money form google adsense if the amount of adsense account minimum is $100. You can set withdraw money with a certain amount above the minimum limit. Example : withdraw money if reach $200, etc.
  2. Adsense for Youtube. Google adsense provide so many product according to adsense. As the 1st explanation above, google also have adsense for youtube. It is adsense that will show only on and cannot be placed to any website blog. This is the ads that sowing banners, texts, videos. You also can increase the adsense for youtube income by optimizing your video uploaded to
  3. Adsense Alternatives. It means any alternative ways to got money online instead of google adsense. You try some effort for adsense laternatives. These are the way that can be try. The First, placing banner to your website that everyone can hire and placing ads with some rate. The Second, try to sell articles to everyblogger that need more articles. You cand give some bundles or packages (example : 30 articles for $100, etc). The Third, you can try another PPC (pay per click) from any website providers. You can type from the web browser with text  example “adsense alternatives, ads online publisher, how to get money online, etc“.

That is all that I can share about. Hope that this article will useful for others. Thank you very much for reading and spending time to my blog.

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