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add ads to blog-add ads on blog-4 hour work week blog-49er blog-aarons blog-a blog for my mom

add ads to blog-add ads on blog-4 hour work week blog-49er blog-aarons blog-a blog for my mom

How to add ads to blog? There are so many ways and tricks how to apply ads to blog. By adding ads to your personal blog, you can get some money from the ads publisher. Here are the way how to add ads to blog :

  1. Registering google adsense. Google give chances to every blogger or a website owner to register google adsense so that can applying ads to their blog/website. You can register by typing to google browser “adsense”. After that you will be redirected to the google adsense platform. Just sign up and give the appropriate informations needed. If you register form is accepted, you can installing google ads to your blog.
  2. Registering to amazon affiliate. This is the other way how to add ads to blog. On Amazon, you play as a marketer that sell so many items to customer. When the items is successfully sold, you will get some commision fee from the sold items. You can registir amazon affilite by typing to browser “amazon affiliate”. Then click on the website amazon affiliate. Just join and registering to amazon. Once accepted, you can add ads to blog provided by amazon.
  3. Giving individual banners ads. This is the simple way how to add ads to blog. You can creat a banners to your blog that giving informations about adding ads or providing ads on your blog. If your blog is good enough, you can attract ads publisher that will rent a banner slot that will be changed by publisher ads. You can provide banner ads according to your passion. This tricks have a lot of difficulties. You have to increase blog traffic, and good informations that will brings readers to your blog.

Ok, I think those 3 ways how to add ads on blog will help you how to monetize blog. By add ads on blog, you will get some money fee online. If you are lucky, you can get much money online.

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