How to make website big and success



Maybe you are the one that doing something according to developing website or blog. Here is a little article that can be concerned before you decide to make a website, whether it is personal website, forum, blogging, etc.

1. Aim of making a website

This is very important to know what is the purpose of making a website. What is the aim and the goal that you want to achieve of making a website blog. There are some purpose of them : just giving informations about personal profile (company, individual profile), as a means of promotions for your bussiness and sales, as your alternative income by writting and giving informations.

2. How you make a website blog

This means how you will creat a website blog, not just for fun, but making a good and profitable website blog. In this topic, you should know about SEO (search engine optimiztion) although just a little bit. You also should know how to make a good appearance of your blog website, and how to make articles posts being indexed by search engine like google and yahoo.

3. Be grouped can increase the stability of website

You can make and build a website blog alone. You also can make an article everything by yourself. But being in group and collecting some people to do the same job on making a website blog can make your website be big. You two, or more can do making articles, submiting url link, sharing article from one website and fro one website to that you have together. For betting performances, all of you should get consistency activities on website blogging and making schedule who active on such a day. Thnx.

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