Removing Feature Image Single Post WordPress Blog

add removing featured image on single post blog wordpress
Image : google search image feature image

This article is specially written for wordpress self hosted blog. I am not the master one, but still learn about blogging using While using this CMS (wordpress), I have tried so many theme to make better appearance for my personal blog. But there is a little matter that makes me so confused. Once I install a new theme and then applied, every time click on an article, the featured image shown double on single post. This is make the blog not good looking because the picture (featured image post) shows 2 same pictures. If you have same problem about double featured image on single post, how to remove feature image on single post wordpress blog, how to disable featured image post on single post blog wordpress, maybe this article will useful for you. Read this : How to increase website blog visitor page view.

As long as I have the problem about having double picture featured image single post blog wordpress, I’ve tried searching how to solve the matter. Finally, I’ve found the simple way how to disable featured image on single post so that can disable double featured image. You can use this CSS style code below than applied to your theme. Just copy paste to your style css (open dashboard+appearance+editor, then open the styelsheet css, then paste the code, and then update file/save).

.attachment-post-thumbnail { display:none; }
.entry-thumbnail { display:none; }

So simple right?, Hope this article done for your blog. The other way, you can install another theme that provide hiding options for single post, so you can hide featured image on single post blog wordpress jus click on or off 🙂