Making Computer Free Viruses

how to make computer free from viruses

how to make computer free from viruses

Do you have problem with computer viruses that may disturb your works? Your computer infected by viruses although you have installed antiviruses program. This might be because any computer viruses are undetected or unrecovered by your antivirus program. This article may help you how to make your computer free from viruses (windows viruses, etc).

  1. Use the original windows operating system. By using original program, you computer system will be suported and upgraded by the vendor automatically. Upgrades maybe contain some bug that is fixed and repaired. Read : Simple removing adware spyware from computer
  2. Use a antivirus program for your computer. This program will help the computer from viruses attack. You may use any antivirus program you love. (Admin-My computer only use local antivirus program and I think that this program is useful erasing viruses. If you want to try the program, you can download “SMADAV” antivirus and just using the free)
  3. Wise using computer and external disks. You should use your computer wisely. Don’t use flash disk from unknown used before. Don’t donwload any program that you don’t know exacly. This is because any virus can influence your external disks (hard disk, flash disk) automatically when you insert the jack to the USB hub.
  4. Try using LINX OS (operating system). You can try using Linux operating system which is open resouced. This mean that everyone can use this computer operating system for free. According to the rumors and news, computer viruses attack the windows operating system in average, while there is noviruses in linux. My experience using linux just for trying, computer viruses cannot run under linux operating system. Just connect flash disk usb contain any viruses to linux OS, you can see the unknown program and your computer is safe from viruses. Read : How to repair bad sector hardisk WD Element
  5. Make your computer private. The meaning is don’t lend your computer to unknown user (friend). We don’t know what the computer is used by them. They might be downloading any program, or even installing virus trojan, etc that can hack to our computer. So use wisely and tell others, which is forbiden and which is can do by that computer.

I think there is none perfect, but we can do some preventing tasks to make everything oke. Do hope that this article can help you solving computer viruses. Thanks.

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