Different Windows OS and Linux OS

linuxandwindows os operating system

linuxandwindows os operating system

Do you want to buy a computer or a laptop? Are you confuse preparing what computer operating system will be used to your new computer? Here is a few small article that describe the different between windows os and linux os.

  1. Price. Windows is not free. Every windows user have to buy the windows license to operate it to a computer. Meanwhile, linux os is free, so everyone can use without any license.
  2. User Friendly. Windows os is easy and simple to be used. Linux os is not as easy as windows os. This maybe because not so often using linux.
  3. Adding Computer Program. In windows, you can easyly install new applications or programs to your computer just by click install or setup and then follow the instructions. While in linux, you have to download the program you wan to install from the linux repository. This situations need good internet connectivity. You just type “sudo apt get…….” followed by the name of the aplications program. You need to browse some informations before about how to install such an aplication or program.
  4. Safety. This is according to computer viruses attack. My litle experience using windows and linux, there are a lot of viruses ready to attact to windows, while in linux, almost none. This maybe because almost viruses built to attack windows os.
  5. User Role. In windows, when you are log in to computer as administrator, you are full as administrator, so you can easyly add or remove program, even the viruses too. While in linux, when log in to computer, maybe you are as administrator, but you are unable to change the program or data files. If you want to add program, you have to input the administrator password. This is good for safety system. Nowdays, windows build the better one, so when not run as administrator, the application program cannot be loaded.

Hope this little informations help you to choose the best operating system to your computer. Thank you.

Image source : www.sboutsource.com