Repairing WD Element Hard Disk

Memperbaiki repairing bad sektor hard disk error

Memperbaiki repairing bad sektor hard disk error

In this article, I want to share about how to repair WD Element Hard Disk Drive error. I have a WD Element hard disk for long enough. Everything is good until a time I reformate the disk. After I format again, I feel that my disk drive is not good. Seems there is an error. The transfer rate is too slow. Transfer any files show 1Mb/s while in normal coditions show 20Mb/s or above. I try to reformate again and again but there is no result. Fortunately now my WD Element hard disk getting well again. The transfer files rate is above 20Mb/s again. Here is what I have done to my hard disk repairing from bad sector that maybe can be use for your error hard disks too:

  1. Wipe your hard disk using any formatting program that contain wipe menu.
  2. When choosing wipe, select contain one and zero. As far as I know, this action will delete hard disk sector from any unnecessary files. So you cannot recovery your former datas.
  3. After that, execute the action and wait until the process finished. This will take quite long time.
  4. Once finished, now you can format your hard disk.
  5. You can check copying files and see the transfer rate hard disk. My disk is health again and fast copying files. Hope this will work for you too.

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